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NomiGion Drankenhuys V.O.F.

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36 months


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Waalwijk, Netherlands




Presentation of the company

NomiGion Drankenhuys V. O. F. is the company set up in 2019 to acquire Drankenhuys Bergmans Bloemenoord B. V. active in the liquor sector. Drankenhuys was founded in 1967 in Waalwijk.

NomiGion Drankenhuys V. O. F, will be managed by Sebastiaan van de Leemput and will have 3 employees. Since the legal form of the borrower is a V. O. F. , both entrepreneurs are personally liable for the debt.

Mr. Sebastiaan van de Leemput, managing director, has overall 8 years of professional experience in the food sector. Previously, he was managing director at Domino’s pizza and managed 8 franchises.

The company’s main activity is:

  • Sale of wine, beer, liquors and spirits.

The company works with Uw Topslijterij, a cooporation which gives them discount on retail inventory purchases.

Project Description

Jurgen de Rooij wants to sell his liquor store valued 348.500 €, valuation based on standard of the market. Sebastiaan van de Leemput via a dedicated company wish to borrow 60. 000 € over 36 months to finance the acquisition of the underlying business company. The rest of the sum is financed with a bank loan and private savings. This project will be realised in the next few months.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 29.400€.