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NL Location

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36 months


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Rozay-en-Brie, France




Presentation of the company

Created in 2017, NL Location is active in the vehicles leasing sector. The company, managed by Margaux Gruau, has 1 employee and is based in Voinsles.

Ms. Margaux Gruau, managing director, has overall 10 years of professional experience in the sector.

The company’s main activity is the rental of commercial vehicles. 

Currently the fleet of 196 refrigerated vehicules lease for a period of 36 months to 48 months.

The company works with 30 customers.

Margaux Gruau manage also with her father, the company Reseau Poids Lourd which own 33% of NL location capital. Created in 1978 by the familly Gruau, Reseau Poids Lourd is active in the transport vehicules sector and has 20 employees and based in Voinsles too.

The company main activitiy is rental of semi-trailers and tractor, sale of transport vehicles, sale of spare parts, repair and maintenance of vehicles. The fleet consists of more than 1000 vehicles.

The company works with more than 200 customers, all of whom are carriers.

Project Description

The company requests 107 535 € to finance 3 electric van with first demand guarantee of Reseau Poids Lourd. This project will be realised next month.

A first demand guarantee is an act by which a guarantor (here Reseau Poids Lourd) undertakes to pay from the first demand and within 15 days, at the request of the beneficiary (October community), a sum of money determined without being able to raise any exception, objection or dispute concerning the execution of the guaranteed obligation according to the basic contract.

October supported Réseau Poids Lourd in november 2019 with 141 000 € to finance lease of 5 tractors. October authorized additional financing of 398 000 € in leasing for 10 IVECO Daily 35C15.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 52 692€, which is in line with the regulatory limits.