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Los Bucaneros Mobile Canning

presented by October Spain



36 months


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Barcelona, Spain




Company’s presentation

Created in 2018 Los Bucaneros Mobile Canning SL is active in the light metal container manufacturing sector . The company is based in Barcelona, has 30 employees and since 2018 is managed by Henry Blackman who has 10 years of experience in the sector.

Main activities:

– The company has machinery specialized and a technical team to pack liquid products of its clients in cans: beer, wine, water and others. – Apart from its main activity, can packaging, the company has developed complementary services such as the development and installation of canning machinery for clients who want to do the packaging at home.

Presentation of the project

The company requires € 207,535 over 36 months to finance the acquisition of specialized equipment for expansion into Italy. This project will be carried out in the next few months. The amount offered on the platform is limited to € 101,680 which is within regulatory limits.

Analyst opinion

With a turnover of € 1,867,717 in 12/2020 and an experienced team, the company has a good track record and a double-digit operating margin.

The forecast is based on the history of its results, supported by its provisional accounts as of 6/2021.

The company works with a diversified client base of large companies. In a large market, Los Bucaneros Mobile Canning sells only a few standard products. As a result, its customers have limited bargaining power.

Los Bucaneros Mobile Canning sources from a standard number of large suppliers, with significant concentration risk and significant capacity to replace them. Consequently, suppliers have a certain bargaining power.

The company has a good repayment capacity with an expected FCCR (Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio *) of 1.26 and a strong financial structure with a forecast of Net Debt / EBITDA of 1.24 and of Net Debt / Equity of 89%.

The analysis of the company and the associated project led to a rating of B as result of a good repayment capacity. The annual interest rate will be 5.5%