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Gennevilliers, France




Presentation of the company

Created in 2004, L’Auto-Contact group (Sopartex) is active in the automotive sector. It is a French distributor of spare parts for professionals in the automotive and motoculture industries. The group, led by Laurent Benveniste, employs 150 people and is based in Gennevilliers.

The main activities of the group are as follows:

  • Distribution of technical parts for the automobile (40% of its turnover).
  • Consumables for garages (35% of billing).
  • Distribution of motoculture parts (25% of your turnover)

The group works with 15,000 professional customers, mainly garages and distributors. The activity is based on the direct supply of producers, which allows the company to offer competitive prices compared to its competitors.

The group recently launched a pilot workshop for the sale of auto parts to private individuals. The group has also signed an association agreement with an international customer for the assembly and export of distribution kits.

Project screen

The group wants to borrow € 410,000 over 48 months, including deferred payments of 3 months to finance the development of its BtoC stores and export activities, the overall project is €2,400,000, the remainder is financed by bank debt.

As a reminder, the October lending community supported Sopartex in 2017 with 1 800 000 € to finance its commercial development with the creation of a local logistics platform and the optimization of its storage space.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to € 200,900 which is in line with the regulatory limits.