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DP van Eunen & Witteman

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60 months


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Kesteren, Netherlands



Restaurants and catering services

Presentation of the company

Created in 2021 Vof Dp Van Eunen & Witteman is active in the restaurants and mobile food service activities  sector. The company, based in Kesteren, has 38 employees. Since 2021 it is managed by Luc Witteman who has 9 years of experience in the industry.

Main activities:

  • Sales of Domino’s Pizza’s (DP)

VOF DP van Eunen & Witteman is a new entity, established for the acquisition of Domino’s Pizza Culemborg.

Luc Witteman has been director of DP Witteman since 2014 and owns 4 Domino’s Pizza locations. The analysis was done on the consolidated figures of the 4 locations of DP Witteman.

Project description

Domino’s Culemborg wants to sell its share in the company. The sales value is based on the market standard. Luc Witteman and Annemaj van Eunen, the partners of DP van Eunen & Witteman, borrow €310,000 with a term of 60 months, including a grace period of 3 months to finance part of the acquisition. The remaining part will be financed by an own contribution of €40,000 by Luc and Annemaj.

Domino’s Pizza Culemborg will be managed by Luc Witteman and Annemaj van Eunen who both have relevant experience at Domino’s. Luc, together with his father, manages 4 Domino’s Pizza branches under Domino’s Witteman. Annemaj currently works at the marketing department of Domino’s Pizza head office in the Netherlands and has 6.5 years of experience at Domino’s Pizza. This project will be realized in the coming months. The amount offered on the platform is limited to €151,900 which corresponds to the legal limits.