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BB Holding Heesch

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48 months


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Heesch, Netherlands



Building & public Works

Presentation of the company

BB Holding Heesch B.V. was founded in 2010 and is the holding company of Bouwbedrijf van Bakel B.V. and BB Bouw Heesch B.V., two companies active in the construction sector. The company, located in Heesch, has 3 employees. Since 2010 it has been led by Stein van Bakel.

Project description

The company requests €210,000 with a 6 month deferred capital repayment, to ensure its continuity following the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on its activity.

This project is a Flexible Bridge Loan, an amortizable loan with a standard commitment for the first 9 months and the possibility of early repayment at no cost for the remainder of the loan term, even in the event of refinancing by other financial institutions.

The Dutch State supports this company with a guarantee. The principal is guaranteed up to 67.5%. If the company cannot repay the loan, the State will partially reimburse the lenders on behalf of the company.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to €102.900, which is in line with the regulatory limits.