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Warning Lending money to SMEs presents a risk of capital loss and requires your savings to be immobilised.



Maarsbergen, Netherlands




Presentation of the company

Created in 1982, Axtron is active in the manufacture of other electrical equipment sector. The company, managed by Karel Schrama, Hans Baarda and William Smit has 23 employees and is based in Maasbergen.

The company’s main activities are:

  • PCB assembly (assembling circuit boards)
  • Layout design of circuit boards
  • Electronics development

Project Description

The company requests 202,000 € to finance the realisation of the company real estate. This investment has already been done and was pre-financied out of pocket by the shareholders. This project will be realised next month.

This project is a Flexible Bridge Loan, an amortizable loan with a standard commitment for the first 9 months and the possibility of early repayment at no cost for the remainder of the loan term, even in the event of refinancing by other financial institutions.

The amount offered on the platform is limited to 98,980€, which is in line with the regulatory limits.